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Canon Point: Unless otherwise requested, Post- Flashbacks in "World Enough and Time" but before they left on their trip to test Missy.

General Background can be found here.

Personality can be found here.

Skills/Special Abilities:
Skills and Special Abilities can be found here.

IC Permissions:
Hugging: He's not a hugging person now. (But not sure he gets a vote)
Kissing: If it's beyond a friendly peck on the cheek or forehead (very close CR only), it will be considered non-con, check first.
Flirting: Go for it. But he doesn't flirt, even when it seems like he might be flirting.
Fighting: If you must, but be prepared for him to fight back.
Injuring: Minor injuries are fine. Major, let's discuss first.
Killing: Let's discuss first.
Telepathy/Mind Reading: He's a touch-telepath and has many defences NOTE: This version of the Doctor isn't afraid to use telepathy without permission, if he thinks it serves everyone's best interest (IE: What he did to Child-Danny Pink in "Listen". So, let's please make sure we discuss any and all telepathy/mind reading first.)

OOC Permissions:
Backtagging: Welcomed, encouraged, and can continue as long as players involved are interested.
Thread-Jacking: Party Posts and the like? Go for it. Otherwise, ask first, please.
Fourth Walling: Please don't fourth wall the actor. (DO fourth-wall all Whoniverse characters portrayed by Capaldi)
Universe Knowledge (Other Universes): A lot of what is fiction IRL universe is also fiction in the Whoniverse. Except those times when it isn't (ala Robin Hood).
Whoniverse Knowledge: If your character is NOT from the Whoinverse but has knowledge of the Whoniverse beyond it being fiction, or Time Lords and TARDISes existing, then the Doctor will be very closed off and untrusting, don't expect such conversations to go over well with him.
Offensive/Triggery subjects: I'll let you know if something comes up that bugs me. And the Doctor is pretty vocal about things that bug him.

OOC Contact:
Please reply to this post to discuss permissions, HMD, etc. All comments are screened
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The TARDIS will transmit all communications (voice, text and video) to the Doctor.
Please use the space below to initiate contact.
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Character Information
Character Name: The Doctor (AKA Twelfth Doctor, John Smith, Oncoming Storm, Great Destruction of the Universe, etc)
Character's Age: over 4.5 Billion, looks late 50s
Canon: Doctor Who
Canon Point: Unless otherwise requested, I typically play the Doctor in his Current Canon

General info about the Doctor.
Series 8
Series 9 Note: due to timeline confusions, I place the CLASS episode "For Tonight We Might Die" Post-"Hell Bent" and pre-"Husbands of River Song"
Series 10 (Spoilers for S10) (Due to Time Line Confusions, I place "Return of Doctor Mysterio" post-"Extremis Flashbacks")

HEADCANON: Their 24 years went by too quickly. This Doctor not being comfortable with touch found physical intimacy within their relationship a challenge. It took about 5 years for him to finally complete their marriage ceremony by telling River his real name. There must have been something 'Time Lordy' about that, because once she knew it, being physically intimate became much easier for him. When the sun finally rose again on Darillium, the Doctor knew it was time for River to meet Mr Lux and for her death at the Library. He remained strong in her presence, but after she left, he took the time to go back through their house on Darillium and pack everything up. (He'd grown to be rather sentimental during all that time together.) He stored it in a room on the TARDIS labelled "Darillium." Well, 'room'. It was basically their house.

Wiki about the Twelfth Doctor
The Twelfth Doctor has a heart of compassion that is wrapped in a paper of being a jerk and tied with a bow of sarcasm. It can take a bit to get to his heart. And even when you get there, he will still leave you to your own devices if he thinks its for the best ("Kill the Moon"). He's more fierce and less reliable than his most recent regenerations. But he also has great insights. (IE: Calling love a promise, knowing he is an idiot, saying there are things that we should never be okay with, and that at the end of the day, he's an idiot.) He's not into 'touchy-feely' neither in language nor in a physical sense. He will tell you exactly what he thinks you should (or need to) hear and he will tell it without sugar coating it. This is only tempered by the things he won't say or talk about. Finally, this Doctor in particular is a fantastic liar - and it is always to protect himself (either from telling others about himself or from having others get emotional around him).

Abilities: The Doctor is a Time Lord and possesses all the abilities that any other Time Lord would. This includes regeneration and other healing capabilities. He also has a great amount of telepathic abilities, which allow him to communicate with practically any species. In "Listen," he touched a young boy's head, which instantly put him to sleep and scrambled his memories. The Doctor called it "Dad Skills." In "Heaven Sent" he created a telepathic link with a door. He is also time sensitive - he can taste time by sticking his finger in his mouth, feel how long items have been sitting out, mentally see "All that was, is, what can be, and what must not be." The Doctor is highly intelligent by human standards, but is average, and in some areas, below average compared to other Time Lords. (Romana constantly ribbed the Fourth Doctor about how intelligent she was by comparison. He just scraped by graduating the Academy with a 51% - the bare minimum, while she graduated with "Triple Firsts".)


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